Campaign “Rückenwind” (tailwind)


“Rückenwind” illustrates how an improved framing and a campaign can lead to more sufficient habits. The campaign highlights the benefits of company bicycles and a more bicycle-friendly city.

The campaign idea for “Rückenwind” was conceived as part of a cooperation between the RheinMain College and BUND by Alexander Rackwitz with the support of Christoph Powilat.

The starting points of the campaign are:

  • • a high traffic volume
  • • an increased health awareness
  • • bikes as status symbols
  • • tax abatements for company bicycles, as well
  • • technological advances (weight, features, e-bikes)




An increasing number of people cycle to work. They are happier and healthier, our cities are ore beautiful, the environment is relieved. All this is thanks to more people being aware of company bicycles as an alternative to their cars. Bicycles have become chic. Municipalities and companies have worked together to make the bicycle an attractive and easy-to-use alternative for the daily commute (bike lanes, company bicycles, parking, showers).



Concrete Goal

The campaign helps to portray company bicycles as an individual, cool, and healthy alternative to company cars. Municipalities and companies work together to improve cycling conditions. By 2020, the proportion of employees cycling work has risen from 20 to 30 per cent.



Theme and Implementation of the Campaign

The campaign links environmental and health awareness, lifestyle, business and traffic policy.
It focuses on the added value for all involved parties.

Employees choose to replace their company car with a bicycle and
• … get a high quality bicycle from their employer, begin their day actively, improve their health and fitness, avoid traffic jams and rush hours, live their style, use their company bike privately, help protect the environment and reduce traffic.

Companies advertise company bicycles, create parking spaces and

• …save money on company cars, have healthier and happier employees, are perceived as an attractive employer taking on its responsibility for society and the environment.

Municipalities support the campaign, subsidise bike lanes and intelligent transport chains, and

• …reduce traffic, improve the quality of life and health of their citizens, save infrastructure cost and protect the environment and climate.


If your are interested in launching the campaign in your town, please, do not hesitate to contact the creators!



Alexander Rackwitz studied & Design Management with a focus on business communications and und public relations. His primary interest have been corporate strategies to communicate sustainability. Contact:

Christoph Powilat is currently studying „Media & Design Management“ (M.A.) at the RheinMain College in Wiesbaden. As an intern at the, he currently works in the field of sustainable cities and urban planning. Contact: