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What is your take on sufficiency politics? There are organisations such as environmental associations or churches which have long been asking the question of what defines the good life and the right measure. Other actors, e.g. the advertising industry, may be critical of the approach of “less, slower, different”.

Since sufficiency politics is such a wide and intertwined field, it makes sense to map actors at the political levels and pertaining to fields of expertise which are relevant to your undertaking. For instance, when planning municipal houses for own production. You can proceed by describing the actors with a view to their stance in the matter and their influence (power analysis). The below list will help you to identify relevant actors:


Civil Society

Nature  and environmental conservation associations, social organisations, labour unions, churches, colleges, volunteer firefighters, sports clubs, etc.


Industry, local businesses, sustainable businesses, associations

Administration and Politics

Mayor, city council,  respective departments


Universities, colleges, research institutes


Regional and national print and online press, social media